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Make Blackout Poetry: Turn These Pages into Poems

Two of my blackout poems are featured in the the blackout poetry book titled Make Blackout Poetry: Turn These Pages into Poems by John Carroll. Grab your copy today!

Blackout poetry is simply the act of removing or “blacking out”

existing text to create a new piece of work. It’s fun and

rewarding for word-puzzle lovers, writers, visual artists,

designers—really anyone! Make Blackout Poetry is a collection of

texts that you can repurpose for your own poems. Make your own

ingenious remix of words by Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Oscar

Wilde, and Victor Hugo. Find hidden gems in vintage etiquette

manuals, slang dictionaries, newspapers, and more. The book

begins with an introduction by John Carroll, founder of Make

Blackout Poetry, an Instagram community for blackout poets.

Carroll includes tips for approaching this genre editorially and

visually, and provides examples of finished pieces that range

from simple to sublime. If you’re looking for a way to tap your

subconscious for new ideas—or to simply feel present in a

creative activity—take a pen to this book and transform it page

by page into a personal collection of poetry.

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